Water ball valves F-Power


Operating parameters and scope of application

  • nominal pressure: 3.0 MPa (30 bar)
  • nominal working temperature: min -30°C, max. 120°C
  • working media: water (water supply systems and central heating), max. 50% glycol solution in water , compressed air
  • ball valves have received a National Technical Assessment Certificate issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw stating suitability for use in construction and Hygienic Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw

Workmanship and materials

  • valves are made in ABT (Advanced Body Technology) technology, combining advanced design and material solutions
  • body material: CW617N-4MS brass - the newest hygiene standard
  • ball finish: chrome plated, polished
  • ball sealing: PTFE
  • stem sealing: PTFE
  • stable and safe seating of the stem due to assembly from the inside of the valve


  • warranty: 10 years
  • valve bore without any constriction affecting the flow, full port according to standard
  • valves are adapted to potable water - surface, which may have contact with potable water (inside the valve and connection threads) is not nickel plated
  • solid metal handle
  • the gland on the stem allows compensation of possible clearance by means of a simple wrench
  • chrome plated and polished ball resistant to blocking
  • thick walls and solid workmanship - increased durability and strength
  • quality control carried out strictly according to applicable European standards
  • 100% of the valves produced are tested for leakage
  • valve’s bodies have permanent markings required by the European standards
  • valves have removable rubber bands to identify installation on the hot water/supply or cold/return pipe and labels with EAN codes and the necessary data to facilitate retail sales
  • the use of the highest quality materials, care for solid workmanship, the use of modern technologies and multi-stage quality control have resulted in the new F-Power line being awarded the Quality International 2021 Gold Emblem