Quality Policy

The offer of FERRO S.A. includes sanitary and heating equipment characterised by high quality, which guarantees customers’ satisfaction and confidence in our products. We believe that such a policy is the right measure to achieve and maintain the position of leading distributor in the Polish marked and to intensify sales to foreign markets.

The assumed Policy is realised through:

  • thorough identification of the current and anticipated requirements of customers,
  • looking for the latest technological trends,
  • implementation and sales of products that reflect the needs and requirements of Customers and the latest technological trends,
  • development of cooperation with the most innovative producers in the world,
  • increasing the efficiency of marketing operations,
  • price and cost analysis for the purpose of optimization and market adjustments,
  • brand promotion,
  • identification and satisfaction of legal requirements and others that are relevant to the Company.

We guarantee:

  • to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and to constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system,
  • and to realise contracts in their entirety in a timely manner.

Our objectives and assignments dealing with the individual functions and levels of the company are approved, revised and assessed at the regular reviews of the quality management system.

Management Board of the Company