Radiator and thermostatic valves

Radiator and thermostatic valves

Operating parameters

  • nominal pressure 1MPa (10 bar)
  • work temperature up to 100°C
  • specifications for all radiator valves are sent on the Customer’s demand
  • utilities: watermain hot and cold water, water, central heating
  • radiator valves have been tested at the Fitting Laboratory in Radom, and have Hygienic Certificates issued by the National Hygiene Unit
  • all valves come with the producer’s Compliance Workmanship and materials

Workmanship and materials

  • shell and nuts are made in molding and machined
  • shell material: brass
  • sealing: NBR nitrile rubber, brass socket
  • lever/handle: ABS


  • radiator valves are sandblast and then nickelplated
  • on demand, they can be coated only with chrome or only sandblast


  • all radiator valves undergo watertightness tests
  • simple structure, great reliability
  • double sealing in control valves: rubber gasket and a special brass socket
  • valve shells are marked with durable labels, including producer’s mark