Scope of Activity

FERRO Group is one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary and installation fittings in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The Group Head Office and warehouse and logistics center are located in Skawina. The group, in which FERRO S.A. is the dominant player, also includes: FERRO International Sp. z o.o., NOVASERVIS A.S. and NOVASERVIS Romania SRL.

FERRO S.A. is one of the leaders in the sanitary and heating industry on the Polish market. The enterprise has been manufacturing high quality sanitary and installation fittings for 20 years under the brand FERRO and heating elements under own brand Weberman.

From 14 April 2010, Group FERRO is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Ferro’s activity consists in the manufacturing and sales of sanitary installation and heating fittings and sanitation equipment under its own brands: FERRO, Weberman, Metalia, Titania and Novatorre, as well as under the brand names of its customers.

NOVASERVIS A.S. is a company which has been part of the Group since 2011, and it operates in the market of sanitary and installation fittings, as well as a leader in terms of mixer sales. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is one of the most important producers and the leading supplier of sanitary equipment.