Scope of Activity


The FERRO Group is one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary and plumbing fixtures in Central and Eastern Europe with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.

Thanks to its commitment to high product quality and its mission to meet customer needs for a safe and well-functioning home, Ferro products are present in millions of places. Every year we introduce new products to the market, which ever better meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


The vision, mission and values set the direction in which we are going, inspire us in our daily work, define our way of functioning and approach to customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.

A good understanding of individual markets and their needs has enabled us to gain the trust of our customers and dynamic international expansion. Consistent investment in modern technologies based on the philosophy of sustainable development makes us offer attractive design and quality products for many market segments. As Ferro Group, we desire to develop a leading position in the field of bathroom and kitchen solutions and offer professional installation systems. We want to accompany our customers at every stage of contact with the product - from inspiration, through efficient delivery, to failure-free use.


FERRO Group companies

  • FERRO S.A. Poland
  • FERRO International Sp. z o.o. Poland
  • NOVASERVIS spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic
  • NOVASERVIS FERRO Group SRL Romania, Moldova
  • NOVASERVIS FERRO SK s.r.o. Slovakia
  • NOVASERVIS FERRO Bulgaria Ltd. Bulgaria
  • FERRO BALTICS UAB Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • FERRO ADRIATICA Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia
  • TERMET S.A. Poland
  • TESTER Sp. z o.o. Poland


The FERRO Group maintains its position as market leader thanks to its numerous advantages and market advantages.

  • Stable and secure position of the company
    The Group owns several product brands, including Ferro, Metalia and Titania, which gives it a significant competitive advantage and ensures a strong market position. FERRO cares about maintaining standards of operation and continuous development of the range of high quality products, which allows to maintain a wide range of customers, increase confidence in the brand and maintain a stable market position.
  • Large-scale operations
    In addition to its activities in Poland, the FERRO Group offers its products in Europe and on numerous foreign markets, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary and plumbing fixtures in Central and Eastern Europe. Our products are produced at the Czech factory NOVASERVIS in Znojmo as well as several other factories in Europe and Asia.
  • High quality of products
    The FERRO Group is constantly striving to achieve the best possible quality parameters. FERRO places particular emphasis on meeting the requirements of the applicable standards, maintaining high technical parameters, safety and functionality of its products. This is emphasized by the fact that the FERRO Group has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Thanks to special attention to quality, our company has been repeatedly awarded and honoured for the high quality of products by the environment and industry institutions and reputable industry magazines.
  • Exceptional team
    Our company and its success is made up of People, considered to be the most valuable asset of the Group. FERRO’s organizational culture is created by people with passion and open-mindedness, which is why we employ exceptional employees and ensure their continuous development.


Ferro Group’s activities on the European market are performed by local distribution companies and local sales force

Thanks to this, the company perfectly recognizes the needs of the market and adapts its activities to the local specifics. The flexibility and local activity, combined with the global opportunities offered by the Group, make Ferro Group today the leader in the sanitary and heating technology sector in Europe. Consistent implementation of the vision of international development results in an increasing expansion of Ferro Group into new markets.

The history of the FERRO Group since its foundation is connected with the south of Kraków, for many years the company’s headquarters have been located in Skawina, a town near Kraków. The strength of the Ferro brand is the excellent quality of the products manufactured in the Czech factory on the basis of the European standards of technology and work organization, as well as the constantly updated and extended assortment comprising several thousand unique products offered in 25 categories: from bathroom and kitchen mixers and sinks, to water and measurement fittings, radiators, pumps and heating controls, and from 2021 also gas boilers, provided to both individual customers and institutional recipients - developers, property managers, tenants.