Other water valves

Other water valves

Operating parameters

  • nominal pressure 10 to 25 bar*
  • operating temperature up to 100°C
  • working utilities: watermain hot and cold water, central heating
  • all ball valves have Technical Certificates issued by Polish Construction Technology Institute confirming their appropriateness for construction purposes and Hygienic Certificates issued by theNational Hygiene Unit
  • all ball valves come with the producer’s Compliance Statement
* the exact values of the nominal pressure for each product are provided in the tables

Execution and materials

  • bodies and nuts are made of moulded parts and processed by machine tools
  • body material: CW617N brass
  • ball finish: chrome plated, polished
  • ball sealing: PTFE
  • stem sealing: PTFE or NBR, EPDM
  • stainless steel filter cartridges


  • steel hand
  • double stem sealing
  • chromed and polished bullet prevents joint blockage
  • reliable workmanship
  • quality control conducted in strict compliance with European norms in effect
  • all valves undergo watertightness tests
  • nominal pressure up to 30 bar
  • Kvs rate in tables
  • shells marked with durable labels required by norms
  • inner surface suitable for drinking water (KPO)