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GPA II 32-6-180 circulation pump

GPA II 32-6-180 circulation pump

GPA II 32-6-180 circulation pump

Code: 0606W

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Individual packaging: 1, package with bar code allowing for retail sale

Collective packaginig: 4

Operating range max. 4,0m³/h
Lifting height max. 6,2 m
Liquid temperature min. +2°C, max. +110°C
Type of pumped liquid Clean, not containing any solids, fibres or mineral oil substances, non-adhesive, chemically neutral, non-corrosive and non-explosive, with parameters similar to that of water. Pumping in liquids of a viscosity significantly higher than water will cause significant deterioration of operation parameters, the pump may not operate properly. The pump may be used with a 30% glycol solution, and in such cases the pump will operate at a reduced efficiency.
Minimal inlet pressure, up to fluid temperature 0,50 bar at 85°C 0,28 bar up to 90°C 1,00 bar up to 110°C
Max. pressure 1,0 MPa
IP protection class IP 42
Insulation class H
Energy Efficiency Index EEI* ≤0,23
Installation with the shaft in a horizontal position, the cable gland pointing down or to the side
Voltage ~230V (-6% – +10%), 50/60Hz
Power consumption (I,II,III) 5 – 45W; 0,05 – 0,38A
180 mm
Connection G2
Ambient temperature 0°C – 40°C; RH <95%

* The reference criterion to the most energy-effi cient circulation pumps is EEI ≤ 0,20