Circulation pumps

Energy efficiency is one of the basic challenges faced by modern heating technology. This is why FERRO’s product portfolio also contains energy effi - cient electronic circulation pumps of the latest GPA II generation for heating and solar systems.

GPA II pumps comply with ErP, RoHS, EMC and LVD directives. Depending on the operating mode, the GPA II electronic pumps require from two to fi ve times less electricity compared with manual pumps of the same lifting height.

An equally important advantage is the automatic adaption of the pump to the installation system in which it is mounted, which means that it adapts its effi ciency, torque and power consumption in such a way as to optimize the correct operation of the system. In addition, these devices are equipped with a potentiometer by means of which we can control the yield, lifting height and power consumption of the pump in a continuously variable way.