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Steel heaters

  • FERRO offers a wide range of heaters for traditional heating installations: side-fed radiators (Type C), as well as modern, low-temperature radiators : radiators with integrated valve-pipe system (Type V).
  • 10 years warranty


Radiators are designed for heating rooms in residential, office, public, industrial and commercial facilities as well as other areas of normal humidity, for use in closed water installation systems (or open systems up to 30 kW, provided that inhibitor protection will be applied in the whole installation system). Maximum operating parameters to 1.0 MPa (10 bar) and 110°C.


All radiators are manufactured from highquality cold-rolled steel with a nominal wall thickness of 1.20 mm, in accordance with the EN 442 standard.


The process of radiator surface finishing and painting consists of three stages:

  • initial phase-defatting and washing in water free of mineral salts;
  • cathophoresis- heaters are coated through immersion with protective layer safeguarding them against corrosion them, and then ovenfired at 175°C;
  • finishing phase- electrostatic painting with epoxy-polyester dust, and then oven-fired at 185°C.