Gas hoses

Safe metal connecting hose with an unlimited bending radius for the connection of domestic appliances fuelled by gas

  • 3 safety devices:
    • PVC sheath
    • stainless steel
    • stainless steel spiral tube
  • unlimited bending radius hose
  • nominal diameter: DN12
  • use: for connecting household appliances in and outside homes with gas supply at a pressure lower than 0.5 bar. Suitable for use in places covered by the regulations on reaction to fi re
  • reaction to fi re: B s2 d0
  • operating temperature T2 from -20°C to +60°C
  • type of gas: natural gas (second family gaseous fuel according to EN 437)
  • maximum working pressure: up to 0.5 bar
  • in accordance with PN-EN 14800: 2010