Stainless steel-braided hoses

Stainless steel-braided hoses

Operating parameters

  • nominal pressure 1MPa (10 bar)
  • operating temperature up to 90°C
  • utilities: watermain hot and cold water, and central heating
  • flexible connectors have been tested in the Laboratory in Krakow and have Technical Certificates issued by COBRTI Instal in Warsaw, and Hygienic Certificates issued by the National Hygiene Unit
  • all connectors come with the producer’s Compliance Statement

Workmanship and materials

  • brass parts: CW617N brass in compliance with PN-EN 12164
  • hose material: synthetic EPDM rubber
  • braiding: stainless steel in compliance with AISI 304
  • o-ring or flat gaskets: NBR nitrile rubber
  • fixing clamp cases: stainless steel in compliance with AISI 304


  • 10 years warranty
  • sturdy and lasting stainless steel finish
    • resistant to lime
    • in contact with water, no oxidation stains are formed, which optically resemble corrosion
  • steel and brass elements which link the flexible part with the hose end ensure a durable, sure and tight joint
  • the internal duct is made of high-quality synthetic rubber, which makes the joint resistant to aging and mechanical stress
  • all flexible connectors undergo watertightness tests
  • simple structure, great reliability
  • all flexible connectors are marked with labels identifying the producer and the year of production