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25-40 130 circulating pump

25-40 130 circulating pump

25-40 130 circulating pump

Code: 0203W

Series: Drinking water circulators

Individual packaging: 1, package with bar code allowing for retail sale

Collective packaginig: 8

Model 25-40 130
Operation range 0,2 - 3,5 m³/h
Lifting height max. 3,8 m
Liquid temperature min. +2°C, max. +110°C
Type of pumped liquid this circulation pump is suitable for drinking water only
Maximum pressure 10 bar
IP protection class IP 44
Insulation class H
Cable Gland PG 11
Installation axle shaft in a horizontal position, the terminal box located anywhere except under the pump
Voltage 50-60 Hz, ~230V
Power consumption (I,II,III) 35/45/65 W
Connection Spacing 130 mm
Connection G1 1/2
Ambient temperature min. +2°C, max. +40°C